Sunday, 27 June 2010

Our Gardening and Cooking Journal, Sunday, 27 June 2010

08:09 and it is a lovely warm sunny morning the temperature on the balcony is already 22°, our balcony is always about 3° higher than it is outside, so I’m wondering if that is a help to our plants?
All the tomatoes and pepper are now flowering, we just hope that they all set fruit and if they do we might just get more than we thought we would (Touch Wood).
I am testing my recipe for mango ice cream today and if it’s good we will post it on our blog, has anyone been to see our page on MyDish yet?

Carol Savage started MyDish some time ago, some of you may remember her appearing on “The Dragons Den” where Deborah Meaden became an investor.

Here is what Carol has to say about MyDish;
When my husband’s mother passed away he brought home 2 scraps of paper with her hand written recipes that he remembers from when he was a boy – Banana Bread and Lemon Meringue Pie.
The world is full of people whose families and friends have great recipes that have been treasured and fine-tuned over generations.
Most of these are written on scraps of paper fading with time, on bits of paper stuffed into recipe books or kept in your head and perfected each time you make it.

We started Mydish to create a place to collect all those fabulous family recipes that we don’t want to lose, that we would like to preserve for our friends and family.

So what is Mydish and what can you do?
  • You can search for tried and tested recipes – a collection of the best recipes according to you
  • You can organise all your special recipes into one place that is accessible from anywhere
  • You can share your best recipes with friends and family
  • You can rate and review recipes and add tips
  • You can create your own personalised Cookbook with photo’s and comments and have it professionally printed as a gift
  • You can create a group (or join a group) which brings together people who love the same foods and also helps you to build a group cookbook
  • You can get questions you’ve always wanted answered from real experts
So whether you have that great recipe that reminds you of a time, place or person or whether you are looking to be inspired Mydish has something for you.
While You are there please visit my page of recipes we would really appreciate your comments.
My Recipes on MyDish.

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